Anda Seat Wind Seeker L-shaped Gaming Desk 160 x 120 cm Black

  • - L-shaped table, 2 pieces of wood, can be installed on either the left or right side
  • - Thickness of wood top 18 mm. covered with Carbon Fiber
  • - Table height 75 cm.
  • - Top size: 120x60x100cm.
  • - Accessories: desk-sized mouse pad, headphone stand, and cup holder
  • - Sturdy table leg construction Supports a maximum weight of 150 kg.
  • - 2 year warranty on structure (Excluding contact surfaces)
  • - Assembly Required.
Wind Seeker
Wind Seeker

L-shaped desk

L-shaped table, beautiful room decoration item, modern design Meet the lifestyle of today's people well. Suitable for a variety of applications, such as can be used as a gaming table. or desk more usable space

Table has longer sides than normal tables. So you can place your computer, monitor, and other devices, which allows you to play games or work more efficiently. with a rounded shape Makes it placed in the corner of the room to use the space in the room worthwhile

Wind Seeker
Wind Seeker

Sturdy table leg construction

We design the table to support vibration. When you are in the middle of the most intense game battles. which greatly enhances the gaming experience and control precision. The table base is made of carbon steel with anti-corrosion coating. Can support weight up to 150 kg.

The table top is made of high quality carbon fiber material. rounded edges and corners Give you a good and safe gaming experience.

Wind Seeker
Wind Seeker

Cable management

Cable holes and cable storage Attached to a special holder behind the table. to increase the space to play the game as much as possible Easy to use, no tangled wires

ACCESSORIES Additional options add more convenience.

Wind Seeker

Cup holder

Wind Seeker

Headphone stand

Wind Seeker

High-low adjustable base

Wind Seeker

Large cable compartment

 Wind Seeker Specifications

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Warranty Condition

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The product warranty does not cover the following cases:

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How to Report a Product Claim

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On-site Service

Onsite Service is available only for selected models within the warranty period in Bangkok and some areas in Greater Bangkok.

Conditions for On-site Service

  • - Only for the case of structure and gas lift piston.
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Cost of Service

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